Our values

Integrity and courage: Born in to be good.

In Italy the saying “brought up on bread and salami” means that one is good, honest and upright. Those of us who were born in Italy and brought up on salami are decidedly born to be good, honourable and courageous because integrity is the core value of our company and our courage allows us to support it. Hence, we choose that our product is always excellent and with character for every price range and market, as Italian tradition wants, otherwise we don’t produce. Our relationship with customers, suppliers and employees must be equally upright and courageous and based on respect, honesty, responsibility and reliability.


Commitment to continuous improvement

We are bearers of the age-old Italian culture of hospitality and excellent food, which has travelled across the centuries thanks to the unique desire to always honour our guest and the culinary culture. We want to continuously increase our quality and the value for both our business and end customers, in terms of level of service, product and communication.


Innovation and personalization as traditional Italian approach

We want to offer the traditional Italian approach which wants to always satisfy and amaze its kitchen guest. We don’t stop at traditional products; we want our customers to eat what they like most and do it well, so we innovate and personalize for them as Italian mothers have been doing for centuries for families and friends.

Our innovation and personalization are always discussed with our customer, who is the driving force of our development.


We invest in young motivated talent

Young people are the future of the company and for many years we have decided to invest in motivated and talented young people, who can pursue our values, allowing us to constantly improve, embracing the challenges of the markets.