Our history

Portalupi Salumi was founded close to Mount Rosa in the 1930s as a cured meats laboratory opened by the Portalupi family a few kilometres from where the industrial plants, built in the late 1960s, now stand in Guardabosone, where the water and air, essential ingredients for the cured meats, are filtered by the mountain.

Over time, the laboratory develops into a modern company, proud and strong of its artisan origins, thanks to the tenacity and determination of the founder. The young men of the laboratory become the new department heads, former artisans challenged by the powers of industrial machinery.

An experience, a calling, an artisan culture which continue to this day and ensure that the production stage feels more like a big kitchen where healthy flavours and pleasures are created, which satisfy the palates of our Italian and international customers with products from the traditional range, the bespoke range or innovative range, all allergen free.

We are “Excellent by choice”, because essentially Italian cured meats must be gratifying pleasures for the soul, not just for the body: they are the fruit of our agri-food culture and must gratify us with their refined blends of meat, salt, pepper, herbs, spices and fruit